Assistant Service Manager

Isle of Man

Job listing date: 28th July 2021

Job closing date: 13th Aug 2021


Job Title

Assistant Service Manager

Job Description

Reporting To

Aftersales Director

Responsible For

Service Department Staff, Service Advisors, Workshop Controller, Workshop Staff

Main Purpose of Job

To achieve agreed budget and profit.

Achieve agreed customer satisfaction targets for all franchises to sustain the long-term viability of the business.

To organise, direct and control the activities of the Service Department staff to achieve plans, budgets, objectives, and audits ensuring optimum use of all material, financial and personnel resources.

Contribute to the development of all operating and administrative policies and procedures to ensure the achievement of all tasks smoothly and in a timely manner.

To ensure company policies and procedures are adhered to within the relevant departments.

Detailed Responsibilities

  • Develop Service Budget and Objectives for all franchises.
  • Develop and implement an Service Marketing Plan for all franchises.
  • Conduct service campaigns and promotions in accordance with the manufacturer and dealership requirements.
  • Ensure the individual franchised warranty system are strictly adhered to and maintaining an up to date knowledge of policy changes or amendments.
  • Ensure stated opening hours are adhered to and level of emergency cover is in line with franchise core standards.
  • To ensure an understudy system is in place for all senior position under the jurisdiction of the Aftersales Director Service Manager and maintain staffing levels for the department.
  • Ensure that a repair order system, reservation system, daily operating controls, time analysis and a customer file are maintained.
  • Ensure Service reminders for all franchises are sent out at regular service intervals in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Ensure staff training and development needs are met in house and externally, and the manufactures recommended training requirement adhered to.
  • Maintain and continuously evaluate management statistics, plans and budgets and provide information to the manufacturers when required.
  • Advertising and interviewing for new employees in the Service Department in conjunction with the HR Manager, ensuring that employment rules and regulations are in line with local government legislation.
  • Ensure company procedures, processes and policies are adhered to and that they are regularly audited and improved.
  • Attend manufacturers conferences and seminars as required.
  • Continuously monitor customer satisfaction reports throughout the franchises and deal with customer complaints personally when necessary and utilise the Service Department goodwill budget when appropriate.
  • Implement actions and plans to improve Customer Satisfaction with all franchises
  • Liaise with customer and accounts department in negotiating / resolving account holders outstanding debts.
  • Agree plans with dealer principal/Aftersales Director and advise service department of objectives to ensure maximum commitment and motivation.
  • Company cheque signatory and general security checks of building and customer vehicles.

Limits of Authority

All prices and discounts must be within company/manufacturer policy unless otherwise approved.

Not to exceed budgeted expenditure without justification and approval of Aftersales Director.

Not to change or deviate from company policies and procedures without justification or authority from the Aftersales Director.

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