20 February 2021

All-New Peugeot 3008 PHEV. Best of both worlds?

UCM student and photographer Alice Morgan test drives the new plug-in hybrid Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 GT-Line.

More than just a facelift

The design of the 3008 has taken a significant step up. The face of the car is sleek and means business, while the rear is bold and practical. With an altogether sharper, stylish look, Peugeot have truly become masters of the facelift! Around the exterior, youll just about notice the discreet 360-degree cameras and sensors that work with the blind spot awareness system. The 19-inch wheels are smart and classy, and there is a wide selection of tasteful and on-trend colours available.

But my favourite feature? Keyless entry. Without removing the key from your pocket, all you have to do is walk up and open the driver door to unlock the car. No more stressful rummaging — with the added benefit of feeling like you have just done something a little bit magical.

Travelling in Comfort

Inside the car is spacious, ergonomic and fully kitted out. An array of buttons and controls are set within easy reach and screens are perfectly placed at eye level to prevent driver distraction. The first thing I noticed about the cockpit was the steering wheel; smaller than the one in my Toyota Auris, which seemed strange at first. But when I was out on the road, I fell in love with how comfortable it made driving the 3008.

Some clever design details — ambient interior lighting and concave elements in the doors and dash — create a feeling of added spaciousness in the cockpit. Visibility is great thanks to the large windscreen, sizeable side windows, and lack of a double a-pillar. Speaking of a-pillars, there are speakers placed in them to bulk out the powerful sound system. Music sounds true and vocals are crystal clear. The wing mirrors remind the driver to check if they detect a vehicle at the rear and stay constantly clear thanks to the GuardX protection offered by Motor Mall.

Smooth Drive, On and Off-Road

The Peugeot 3008 handles amazingly. The turning circle is small which is perfect for our tight car parks like Chester Street, the steering is light, and the car is wonderfully responsive. When parking in reverse, the screen displays the camera feed with a predicted grid (based on your steering wheel angle) that tells you where you will end up.

Sport mode allows for greater acceleration, delivering the full 296BHP, rocketing this family SUV to 62mph in under 6 seconds, perfect for coming out of the Creg-ny-Baa corner and heading up the mountain. While in this mode, you are also granted artificial engine breaking, which was a godsend for me as I am so used to driving a manual car.

In 4x4 mode, you have greater control over your speed downhill and over rocky roads. The blind spot detection is a little slow to warn you of any hazard you might not see but is effective in warning the driver. The suspension system is soft and spongy which means you don’t feel the bumps, even up at the Point of Ayre.

Made for Family Adventures

This capacious SUV is just perfect for families. It boasts a huge boot, which has no loading lip and is at a good height for effortlessly lifting pushchairs, wheelchairs, suitcases, and anything else you might need to pop in there. With the likelihood of on-island days out this year, there is plenty of room for a bucket and spade too. The charging cable for the car has its own compartment under the floor of the boot, so it is nicely out of the way of any cargo. The power/hands-free tailgate is super convenient for loading/unloading the boot space. And there is another welcome bit of ‘magic’: You can close the boot by waving your foot under the back bumper, which is ace for when your hands are full and prevents handprints on the tailgate.

The plug-in hybrid system uses a dual electric motor system, one for each of the axels. For the tech-obsessed, here are the all-important numbers: each motor produces 108bhp and the 1.6 litre (turbo) engine produces 197bhp, which combined brings the Peugeot 3008 PHEV to 296bhp. Sport mode brings the family SUV 0-60mph to 5.9 seconds — which you can really feel when you put your foot down. If you keep the 13.2kWh battery charged up, the Hybrid4 can drive on pure electric for up to 36 miles (depending on driving behaviour and climate properties). The car has a low centre of gravity thanks to the battery being placed in the centre of the base.


Overall, I have really enjoyed driving the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4. It is practical, responsive and comfortable. Usually, I suffer from lower back pain when driving an automatic, but I could drive this car for hours and still be comfortable. The integrated massage seat certainly helped! Personally, I found the plug-in hybrid inconvenient compared to a self-charging hybrid, but I could absolutely make this work through installing a home charging system. It’s easy to see how you could manage with just electric power for the majority of journeys, particularly on the Isle of Man. I mainly drove on fuel, which ended up costing me £45 over 300 miles.

About Alice

Alice Morgan is 19 years old and currently studying a degree in Visual Communication at UCM alongside her many professional photographic assignments. Her love of cars started from a young age pushing ‘Hot Wheels’ around the living room carpet. “I really am ‘living the dream’, driving and photographing the finest brands, and I am extremely grateful to Motor Mall and Jacksons for their support during my UCM course.”

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